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In 2024, we are starting a pilot program as a way to give back our community and provide answers on much needed financial  matters to those who can benefit from them the most.

During this hour I will be working on business related tasks while holding an open Zoom session.  Anyone can log in and ask any finance related questions.  There is nothing too simple or too complex.  Just ask.

We will not collect your information or market any service to you.  There are no products to sell.  There is no fee.  No need to register.  Just show up at the dates and time below.

Zoom link:

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We will start with once a week 9-10am on Tuesdays.  Depending on participation we may expand this program if it provides real value to the community.  For now we have committed to the following dates and times.  Each month we will reassess, add or remove dates.  However no dates will be removed within a week.  Please check back to confirm.

Tuesday Feb 27th, 9-10am

Tuesday March 12th, 9-10am

Tuesday April 2nd, 9-10am

Tuesday April 9th, 9-10am

Tuesday April 16th, 9-10am

Tuesday April 23rd, 9-10am

Tuesday April 30th, 9-10am

More dates to come.  Check back soon.  

If you would like to discuss your financial matters in a one-on-one setting with a financial coach you can schedule a one hour complimentary Zoom meeting with this link.

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