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Donor Advised Funds

When your True Purpose for Money expands beyond your family and immediate needs and when legacy and gifting to humanities comes into focus, Donor Advised Funds are great options to fulfill your philanthropic objectives while minimizing costs.

Donor Advised Funds create the opportunity to benefit the charities of your choice while maintaining significant control over the selection of investments and distribution of gifts.

Do most good

Immediate Tax Benefit

Whether you chose to distribute all the gifts right away or manage to let it grow, current year tax deduction is possible.

Competitive Fee (1)

First $500,000 0.7%
Next $500,000 0.35%
Next %1,500,000 0.25%
Next $12,500,000 0.15%
Above $15,000,000 0.10%

Tax Deduction

% of Adjusted Gross Income with a 5-year carry over. 60% for cash, 30% for appreciated assets. No tax on investment income.


Funds can be help indefinitely and gifting can happen cross multiple generations.

Diverse Type of Assets Accepted

Life Insurance
Real Estate and Land
Pools Vehicles, Hedge and Closed Funds.
Restricted Stocks
Charitable Trusts
Structured Products
Privately Help Companies

Fair Market Valuation

For closely-held stock, businesses and real estate. FMV for publicly traded stocks

Fraction of the Cost

Much reduced administrative and management costs compared to Private Foundations.

Minimum and Maximum

Donations as low as $25,000 can be accomodated. No maximum. Typical around $400,000. $1,000 minimum for additional gifts. $250, minimum grant.

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known - Carl Sagan

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(1) Other management, custodian and advisor fees apply.  Fee impact your asset performance.  Consult with your plan document and complete fee disclosure before engaging in transaction.

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