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Peter is a fiduciary adviser and financial coach. Over 15 years he has dedicated his practice to helping Silicon Valley professionals, entrepreneurs and their families to discover their true purpose for money and for their lives, transforming everything about their experience of investing. He focuses on advanced financial planning, tax insights, corporate financial education, retirement and investment planning. 


In personal live Peter is the Program Minister of Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz and enjoys sailing on the San Francisco Bay.

For public speaking engagement and other public-facing materials please use one of the following photos.

Laws governing my industry requires that all publications much including the following legal disclosure:



Investment Advisory Services are offered through Wealth Cairn, a registered investment adviser. Insurance products and services are offered and sold through individually licensed and appointed agents in all appropriate jurisdictions.  Securities cannot be purchased, sold or traded, insurance coverage cannot be bound, altered, or cancelled via e-mail or voice message system.  Wealth Cairn and its advisors do not offer legal or tax advice.  Please consult an attorney or a Certified Public Accountant for legal and tax advice.

CA Ins lic 0E19513


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