Updated COVID-19 Response

Wealth Cairn is committed to the health and well being of our clients, our staff member and the staff at venues we cater.  In accordance with California's social distancing mandate we have momentarily suspended all in-person events until the conditions permit such activities safely.  


We hope to resume our awesome, engaging client events soon and for the moment we have elected to move our operations to Zoom.  Please select one of the option below.  

Investor Coaching workshops

We believe that each and everyone of us has a dream - a dream of what’s really possible in our lives.  An imagination of who we will become, the adventures that inspire us, the community that move us and embrace us.  We dream beyound what money can buy but who our true purpose calls us to be.
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WE believe
...that money does not buy us happiness.  However, the worry of insufficiency diminishes our dreams.   We created this series of financial education workshops to engage investors and to help you discover your true purpose for money and the dreams you harbor.  
We designed these workshops to be interactive and fun!  Yes, FUN.  We do not push any product sales on you.  This space is for us to explore what really matter to you in the world of finance, how you have accomplished what you have today, and discover what is possible for you to create in the future.
We select  in our local community some of the most engaging venues, such as the Silicon Valley Capital Club or the San Jose Country Club, so come and join us for an afternoon of awesome, engaging event.