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Segmenting the businesses we serve

Low Complexity
   Sole owner
   Service based business such as Law, Accounting and other professional firms, Realtors
   No key Employees.
   Little or no transferable value
   Primarily a personal planning case.

Medium Complexity
   More owners
   Closely held stocks
   Presence of Key Employees
   Some transferable value
    No full time HR department
   Concerned about key Employees retention, business continuity, exit planning, personal planning.
High Complexity
   Multiple owners
   Widely held stock
   Multi generational owned business
   Many Employees
   Full time HR department
   Transferable value (no exit concerns)
    Existing employee benefits, corporate financial education, benefits for Highly Compensated, executive planning.



1.  Key employee retention.  Whether you lost one, have one or need one, if you are wearing too many hats and your calendar shows it, you know how important it is.
   2.  Business continuity issues such as buy/sell, key person protection and stay bonus.  When life event happens, you alone have to deal with the pressure brought on by someone else like a bank, a partner, spouse, or an investor.
   3.  The need for Cash Flow Maximization especially for growth oriented owners.  Most service oriented business can’t sell for much value so the owners must be good savers.  Transfer of wealth from business balance sheet to personal balance sheet is critical.
   4.  Exit planning.  Often a rolling 5-7 year concern for many entrepreneurs.  We believe you must build your business with the intention of a profitable exit.


Company Sponsored Benefits

Maximize owner benefits in 401k, Save Harbor Plans, Profit Sharing Plans and Pension Plans.

Protecting business value

A departing key employee could compete against you
Trade secrets
Taking other employees
Taking vendors, customers, clients
Starting their own firm
Non-competes often can’t be offered without consideration

Compensation of Management and Key Employees

The purpose is to maximize the usefulness to the owners of any income generated by the business through proper compensation, fringe benefits, and dividends.

Business Continuity

Successfully transferring a business should provide income for the retiring owners while allowing the new management to gradually assume ownership. Valuation of the business, identifying new owners, properly funded buy-sell agreements, as well as death and disability of any of the people involved are all critical elements.

Real Retention

Provides lasting retention power beyond 12 month
Benefits completed deferred
Ideally, pays for itself, a mechanism of cost recapture.
Solve an emotional issue and a financial problem for the employees.
Offers flexibility

Financial and tax Planning of Business owners and entities

​Whether you are a Sole proprietor, a partnership, a LLC or a corporation, selecting the right type of business entity will not only help protect your business and incentivize the partners, it will also have profound implications on income taxation.


  • Clarity in pursuit of your financial goals

  • Financial Prudence and Mastery

  • Educated decision making process

  • Maximized wealth building potential

  • Intelligent long term tax strategy

  • Coherent and Strategic Preparation 

  • Freedom of choice 

  • Achieve and Maintain Financial Balance

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