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Security-Based Lending

 You can pledge your personal asset under Wealth Cairn management for a non-purpose loan.  This loan has a margin requirement and can not be used to purchase stocks.  

The broad diversification and low turnover of your Wealth Cairn portfolios add advantages compared to other lending programs.

Leverage your asset

Competitive Rates

Low margin + LIBOR. Other advanced rates available.

Family Aggregate

Accounts in the same family household can be considered.

Not on credit report

Not a consumer loan and does not impact your Debt to Income ratio.

High lending limits

Streamlined underwriting to $3,000,000. Borrowing limits can range from 65.5% to 72.5%

Tax Advantage

Interests may be deductible against business income.

LLC and Sole Prop

Not available for corporations at the moment. Also not available for IRA or other qualified money according to IRS limits.


Do not require financials.
Min FICO 700.
Fast approval.

Low Margin

Margin call at 70-85% with 5 days to reduce loan or add assets.

Rate Match

All competitive rates will be matched subject to terms.

No Advisor Override

In the process of bringing this new service to our clients we interviewed many lenders and learnt a lot.  Some lenders offered generous override to us the advisors.  That is, they offer to pay us a "commission" for bringing our clients to engage in their lending practice.  We learnt that this is legal and common practice in the financial service world.

This override is an added cost to the clients and completely invisible.

Wealth Cairn as a firm decided against receiving any overrides from lenders.

We believe finding the best solution for our clients while minimizing the cost, being fully transparent about our compensation and being fully in communication about all the potential areas for conflict of interest.

Security based lending programs are offered and underwritten by select banking institutions.  Wealth Cairn makes an introduction on your behalf and you will work directly with a banking institution you select. 


Wealth Cairn functions as a Registered Investment Advisor and provides financial guidance on how best to evaluate such a program.  Wealth Cairn receives a negotiated fee as specified in your investment agreement.  Wealth Cairn is not affiliated with any lender, does not receive compensation from a lender for referring potential clients to such programs nor does any of its advisors receive any compensation as a result of their clients participating in such programs.


Information on this page does not represent an offer, a contract, does not promise the outcome of your application for loan, nor does it indicate successful underwriting results.  All loans subject to underwriting.  Rates fluctuate according to market conditions and can not be guaranteed.  Wealth Cairn and its representatives do not offer tax or legal advice, consult with a qualified professional.  See our disclosure page for other important information about our firm.

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