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This course can no longer be booked.

Available Online

WeShape Financial Literacy Course

Creating your Financial Future

  • Ended
  • Online over Zoom

Zoom link to event will be sent to your email 1 day before start of each session. Chapter 1, Financial Literacy and Your True Purpose for Money - What is literacy and current status in the US - How has Americans prepared themselves financially? - Discover what your True Purpose for Money is and let that guide your financial discussion making process. Chapter 2, Threats that exist Today - First 5 Primary Threats to income and how to eliminate them. - Emergency Savings - Impact of income taxation Chapter 3, Threats to Retirement - Primary threats to income in retirement. - What Investing is and isn’t. - Investor behaviors that destroy return. Chapter 4, Home Buying and Credit What’s the process of buying a home. Myths about how credit works. Pitfalls to avoid. Credit Repair and Debt Management. Promised Outcome: participants will gain critical knowledge to manage common personal finance matters with confidence.

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