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Wealth Cairn Team


Dhruv Manas 

Intern, summer 2024

As a summer intern at Wealth Cairn, I am motivated to learn more about the financial workplace and utilize the skills I have already acquired to help others improve their financial literacy. My father has always made sure to help me, guiding me through any questions I have had about the world, lots of times about business and finance. Now with this opportunity here at Wealth Cairn I am looking forward to making an impact on my community and assisting others with their financial literacy to the best of my ability.




  • Qualified for district competition - Silicon Valley Career Development Conference(SVCDC)

  • Qualified for state competition State Career Development Conference(SCDC)

  • I received a 4th place award at SVCDC for my Financial Operations Research, a 20 page report about a silicon valley startup named Citcon.

Personal life

While school work and DECA takes up lots of his time throughout the year, Dhruv manages to fit his other passions in whenever possible. The largest chunk of his free time is playing tennis as a member of the varsity team at Monta Vista High School. Dhruv tries to play almost everyday of the week when he can, and has been doing so for most of his life.


Contrasting from athletics, Dhruv shows his love for music through playing the electric guitar and French Horn in his school band. On top of these activities Dhruv loves to spend time with friends and family, playing games and watching movies.

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