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Wealth Cairn Team

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Ayan Somasundaram

Intern, summer 2024

As an intern at Wealth Cairn, I am committed to helping individuals become more financially literate. With a focus on advanced financial planning, tax insights, and investment strategies, I am here to support you in realizing your financial goals and aspirations.

Join us on this journey towards financial empowerment. Let's start a conversation about your financial future and unlock the possibilities together.

SVCDC - Silicon Valley Career Development Conference - 4th place Personal Financial Literacy
SVCDC - 3rd place Personal Financial Literacy roleplay
Stock Market Game - 20th/2138 Western Region, 80th/5727 Internationally

Personal life

Aside from school and finance, Ayan finds joy in playing tennis as a member of the Monta Vista High School varsity tennis team. When he's away from the desk, you'll often find him on the court, sliding, lunging, and hustling for every ball with unwavering determination and passion. In 2024, Ayan is also working hard towards his own goal. He's on the path to becoming a coach at the local club where he first discovered his love for tennis, eager to share his passion and knowledge with the next generation of players.

Ayan Tennis.png

Ayan is also a passionate mountain biker who loves to explore trails with his friends in the Santa Cruz mountains.

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