Wealth Cairn

Empowerment . Integrity . Responsibility


We believe

We believe that our true Purpose in life guides our actions around money.  Responsibility begins with the foundation of this Purpose and expands into a life-long, intentional pursuit.

We exist to provide expertise and coaching to guide you through your pursuit.  We are your believers, your biggest fans, and your partners.

Your journey begins with an Investor Coaching Workshop or a consultationled by one of our Certified Financial Planner CFP® Coaches. 

How we Can Help You

        Clarity in pursuit of your financial goals
        Financial Prudence and Mastery
        Educated decision making process
        Maximized wealth building potential
        Intelligent long term tax strategy
        Coherent and Strategic Preparation 
        Freedom of choice 
        ​Achieve and Maintain Financial Balance

What is possible...

With guidance from Wealth Cairn, you will begin to discover the values that are truly important to you and what had held you back from accomplishing your goals.  You will begin creating a new relationship with money, one that inspires and empowers you. 

Here below is what a recent client actually accomplished by working with Wealth Cairn.  

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What people say

Alisha and Dane - Business Owners

... we feel like we have a much better understanding of not only the importance of investing but also how to truly protect and have a well rounded system for all elements of financial health and freedom. ...We feel confident that we have a solid plan for the present as well as the future and have clear goals of what we need and how to get there. ... Highly recommend getting to learn more about how money really works with Peter, you will be given the opportunity to create a life most people only dream of!

Iris - Senior Developer

Peter is not only very knowledgeable but also passionate about educating my husband and I so that we can make informed decisions.  He has our best interests at heart when helping us determine funds to maximize our benefits for retirement.

To - Pediatrician

As a daughter of immigrants, I've known how to make money through hard work and sacrifice. It wasn't until I met Peter that I learned how to finally allow money to serve me and my life's purpose. Having "financial freedom" is more than just having a lot of money; it's a mindset and a practice.

James - Physical Therapist, Business Owner

Working with Peter has completely changed my outlook on my retirement future.  Peter helped me identify the things I can do right now to make a difference while not sacrificing the things I like to do now.  I have tripled my savings since starting working with him and my anxiety about my financial future has been greatly reduced.  Peter spends the time to get to know you and how you live and understand what is important to you so the plan feels personal which makes it easier to stick to.